Promote The Web; Eliminate Internet Explorer

18 06 2007

As a web designer and avid surfer, I’m growing more and more perturbed by the lack of W3C standards support in the most used browser, Internet Explorer (IE). IE is slowing down the web and I suspect the vast majority of web users have no idea the enhanced web experience IE is robbing them of.

Perhaps greatest among these are the wonderful features offered by CSS2, a large many of which are not supported in IE7 although IE7 has made great improvements over its predecessors. CSS2 offers designers a vast array of tools and techniques for displaying web content but in order to maintain compatibility with those still using IE, designers must pass on using those enhancements or spend extra time developing 2 versions of their pages; one for Internet Explorer, and another for compliant browsers, (i.e. Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Safari).

This is of course time consuming and expensive for developers. It robs the visitor of the grander experience they would have if designers could focus their time on just one, web compliant, CSS2 powered design. Although I happily used IE for many years as my primary browser due to its customisability, I switched to Firefox long ago. Many others are joining the revolution too- (browser statistics).

To design for FireFox a designer needs to combine Valid CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for “look and feel” and W3C compliant HTML for web page structure.

The combination of these two design strategies is powerful in that it elicits tremendous flexibility, ease of maintenance and opens up extensive possibilities in website design. The benefits are rewarding, and every webmaster should attempt to utilize this two pronged scheme in their design routine.

-James Opiko, American Chronicle

Get a better browser for a better Web

Do yourself a HUGE favor and switch to a compliant browser if you haven’t already. Sure you’ll have to spend a few minutes learning the nuances of your new browser but the rewards are worth it and you’ll probably never go back. Your web browser is likely your most frequently used application – you should be using the right one.

Worth perusing:




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