How to Import Bookmarks to Opera version 15+

2 01 2014

How to Import Bookmarks to Opera version 15+

  1. Export your Firefox or Opera bookmarks as bookmarks.html
  2. Install the Bookmarks Manager extension by Opera Software
  3. Import your Firefox or Opera bookmarks.html file


For Firefox:

Open the Bookmark Library and click “Import and Backup” » “Export Bookmarks to HTML…
Detailed instructions: Export Firefox bookmarks to an HTML file to back up or transfer bookmarks

For Opera ≤12:

Go to “Settings” » “Import and export File” » “Import and export.
Detailed instructions: Export data from Opera

The Bookmarks Manager should automatically launch after it completes installation. Click the [Choose File] button, then browse to your bookmarks file and upload.

If you have a lot of bookmarks, the import process may take a couple minutes to complete.

[ Bookmarks Manager for Opera 15 – Opera 17 ]

Get your bookmarks toolbar back!

  1. Type “opera://flags” into the URL field and hit Enter
  2. Search (Ctrl+f) for “Quick access bar”
  3. Set to ‘Enabled’
    enable Opera quick access bar
  4. Restart Opera



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